Top 10 Best Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

How to Burn More Calories All Day

Cutting calories is mostly about what you eat and less about workout. If you are working out an hour a day while eating chocolates and ice creams then it won’t be of much use. Cutting 500 calories per day is not as difficult as you think it to be.

How to Burn More Calories All Day

With the right diet chart and planning you can cut down 500 calories from your daily diet. Remember; if you plan to cheat then don’t make it more than once a week. Following are the top 10 best ways to cut 500 calories a day.

Stop your nuts consumption

Nuts are enticing everybody knows but they are a rich calorie source and are energy boosters. So unless you are an athlete you will have to avoid nuts.

Or if you eat a lot of them then reduce the amount of nuts you are eating. Just a handful of nuts have 175 calories.

If you are eagerly looking for ways to reduce your calorie count then you will have to ditch the nuts.

Don’t watch TV during meals

Studies have revealed that those who watch TV while eating tend to eat more than their body needs. Eating in front of the TV you consume up to 288 calories extra.

Sitting in front of the TV makes you munch more. Try having a meal at the table and have a slow walk after each meal.

Salad without toppings

Having so many salads with heavy toppings takes you back to point zero.

There is no point of having salads if you are going to consume extra calories with it. Adding cheese or mayonnaise will only make it heavier.

While preparing your salads make sure that you are adding small proportions of toppings and keep the fruits and green more.

Dessert less

Desserts are rich in sugar. They might savour your taste buds but will kill you later.

Skip the desserts or have lighter portions of them to cut down calories from your diet.

All those delightful cakes and pies must be thrown to get the desired results and to cut 500 calories a day.

Hide away from oily foods

Deep fries and roasted is something that you should avoid at all costs.

Check out the fat content in the meal you are ordering at a restaurant.

Sometimes meals might turn out to me oilier than they look in the menu. Cooking food in stock instead of oil is a good habit to follow.

Take a good night’s sleep

Sometimes lack of sleep and insomnia can lead to obesity and pot belly.

Make sure that you are having a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep to keep your energy level right.

The less you sleep the more tired you will feel and will tend to eat more than you planned.

Ditch soda

If you have soda cravings then it is not god for you. You will have to shove those sodas out of your house if you want to cut 500 calories from your diet.

Instead drink water. It will not only keep calories down but will also help you in losing weight.

Keep full by eating less

Select your meals carefully. Make sure that you are satiating your hunger by eating less.

Have 2 boiled eggs for breakfast. If you are intent on not eating fatty things then eat eggs without the yolk. Replace your heavy dinner with a bowl of soup and whole wheat bread to maintain healthy habits.

Drink sugar-free

Every bit of your sugar intake counts. Be it a cup of tea or a smoothie.

Make sure that you are not ruining your whole diet plan just by simple sugar consumption. Everything that contains sucrose will add on to your calorie input.

Try avoiding sugar drinks. Start by reducing the cups of tea you have each day then go down on the sugar consumption.

Customize food

You can design your drinks and meals to have lesser calories than you plan.

A cucumber juice and mint cocktail is not just light but is delicious as well. There is so much you can do with food and make it lighter and healthier.

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