Ways to Finally Lose Your Spare Tire and Keep It Off For Good

The Science of Fat Loss

Extra flab are something that hits directly on your confidence. You become completely obsessed with it from the point where you start staring at yourself in front of the bathroom mirror ant try to see that spare tire under a fitted shirt.

Well it’s not going to vanish you know! If you keep checking out on your flab and try to hide them then now is the time to lose them and keep them off for good.

You can get rid of your spare tire by following the following five rules. So check out the plan for a fat free life.

The Science of Fat Loss

Stick to the diet

Making a diet chart is only beneficial if you follow it properly. If you want to get rid of that spare tire then hug your diet plan. A strict diet plan doesn’t mean eating grass.

It simply means keeping a check of your calorie input. Be reasonable while you choose your food. No matter what you think right now, but cutting out all the fat and junky food won’t help. The more you will restrict yourself the more you will want to binge eat.

So the best way is diet for 6 days a week and cheat one day of the week. This way you will feel motivated to continue.

Become protein friendly

Skipping all that junk is tough but that is just the start. It needs much more than that. Your diet must be strictly protein. Without a protein rich diet it is not just difficult but is nearly impossible to shed weight.

Protein not only keeps your stomach full for a longer time as it takes time to break down but also doesn’t add up that excess fat on your body. Having a breakfast rich in protein can keep you off the temptation to eat for a long time.

Keep stress away

Stress is your biggest enemy. Studies have pointed out that stress can act as a catalyst in increasing weight. Try to stay relaxed and don’t let your job or responsibilities stress you out.

Take holidays off to settle your mind down. Make sure that you take a good 6 to 8 hour sleep to help your mind relax. Lack of sleep can also increase your body weight. If you can spare the time, then perform breathing exercises in the morning for at least 20 minutes. This will keep your mind calm throughout the day.

Stop being lethargic

Stay active. Try to treat every chore as a workout. Keep moving or fidgeting. Changing your habits can do it all for you. If you are a workaholic then you certainly need to make some changes.

Don’t sit in front of your computer for long hours. Get up every 45 minutes to talk to a colleague or during water or just wash your face or merely stretching out. This will help your muscles relax and will keep you active throughout the day.

Strength building exercises

Strength building exercises are really good for the muscles and make up a rigorous workout. Engage yourself in a strength building workout. They help you muscles develop even more and enhance the metabolism.

With good metabolisms you can fight fat easily and will be able to keep that spare tire off for good.

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