How to Prepare Essential Travel Tool Kit for Long Bike Tours?

Essential Travel Tool Kit for Long Bike Tours

Before you go on a long bike tour, you need to prepare well for it. From getting the best possible two wheeler insurance coverage to putting together a survival kit, you need to know exactly what you will take along with you.

Take a look at this article to know more about the preparation you need before you embark upon your adventure.

The important things to pack and take with you

Essential Travel Tool Kit for Long Bike Tours

Listed below are the most vital things you need to include in your kit before you leave for the long bike tour:

1] Insurance plan

You need to buy two wheeler insurance before you go. And not just any plan, but the best and the most effective cover. Even if you find the plan is slightly expensive, go for it.

You will need all the backing from your insurance provider on such a trip. So look for suitable riders, extra covers, etc. Also go over the exclusions very carefully to know exactly what you can claim for and what you cannot.

2] Essential phone numbers

Carry a list of all the essential phone numbers. You must have the number of your two wheeler insurance provider, your emergency contact, a local (if possible), your doctor (if you have an existing illness).

Make sure you write them down in a notebook. Your mobile phone may get lost or damaged and at such a time you will need to fall back on the physical copies of these numbers so keep them handy.

3] Medical kit

Next, and very importantly, you will need to carry a small medical kit. Carry along the basic first aid material like bandages, antiseptic creams, a thermometer and some OTC medicines that you may commonly need.

Also, if you are on some regular medication, put them in your kit. Just like your vehicle needs a two wheeler insurance cover, you need your own medical cover!

4] Tool kit

This is a very crucial kit to carry. You need to have all the basic tools in your kit. Remember you will be gone for a long time and at times, you will be far away from the familiar places. You, therefore, need to have a kit that would allow you to get the basic repairs done to your bike if there is a requirement.

Fill it up with screws and bolts, screwdrivers, spanners, a pair of pliers, a file, a knife, and a bottle opener. You will surely buy two wheeler insurance, but your bike may break down at a remote place where your insurer can’t even reach you. So keep a basic back-up ready.

5] Food and beverage packs

Food and beverage packs

Keep some small packs of healthy snacks. Trail mix, energy bars, dry cookies, etc. act as excellent travel foods. Also, carry enough fluids. Look for the ORS sachets that you can simply add to water and drink if you feel dehydrated on the journey.

6] Tires and tubes

If you have a basic third party insurance cover for your bike, you may not get help if your tire bursts. So keep an extra tire and tube with you, just in case you need them. This is also another important pointer to understand what your insurance exclusions are. Once you know about them, you can stay prepared in advance.

In conclusion

A long bike tour can be very thrilling. Whether you go alone or with a group, you have to make proper provisions to ensure that you have a smooth and memorable journey. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and you will not find yourself stranded, tired and worried.

Also, it is very advisable for you to get a good comprehensive bike plan rather than a third party insurance cover as you most definitely need the highest degree of insurance protection on such a trip. Speak to your insurer and see what your options are.

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