Exercises You Should do With Your Best Friend

Exercise with a friend

Want to make the most out of your workout? Here’s a trick, drag your best friend along with you for your workout session.

We all know how boring workouts can be if there is no motivation to it at all. Performing exercises mechanically can be meaningless and you might not want to stick to your own workout schedule because it becomes boring with time.

Although if you are doing the same plain old exercises with your friends then that might get you to stick along the workout schedule. Following are the 6 exercises you should do with your best friend. They are not only simple but enjoyable as well.

Exercise with a friend


Running and jogging alone does not sound so interesting does it? Well your whole running experience will change if you could get your best friend to join your plans. If you are planning to shed weight then doing it by running alongside a friend is the best ides.

Imagine never having to carry the iPod while running. You can race along with your best friend and section your running time into interval training to get better results and also enjoy your running session.


Doing all those weights and those sets of exercises in the gym is no fun, right? Not to worry, you can do much better than that. Aerobics is one of the best and fun ways to keep in shape but even that can be boring sometimes.

But everything would sound more interesting if it had your best friend into the picture. Join an aerobic class with your friend and have fun working out all those moves.

Dance class

Have you ever heard that dancing can help you shed those extra pounds like nothing else and it is the most entertaining workout? The advantage with dancing is that you don’t necessarily have to join a dance class to get it done right.

There are lots of videos available online that you can follow and set up a dance workout for yourself. Now imagine doing all of this with your best friend. What fun that would be? So shake that body with your best friend in an engaging dance workout.


Are you an outdoor person? Then cycling is probably the best kind of workout for you and doing it with a friend makes it even more enjoyable.

You can explore the better and less exposed parts of your locality on a cycling trip with your best friend and that would be the best semi-cardio exercise to keep in shape.


Are you fond of adventure and enjoy a good walk now and then? Then go out with your friend and explore new places. You can go for a walk up the hill or simply wall in the lesser known parts of the town while talking.

This way you will not even get bored as well as shed some pounds to keep in shape.

Challenging Sports

To make exercising more fun you can always try some extreme sports like commando training, athletics and can compete with your best friend to make it more fun.

Nothing burns fat like commando push ups and hurdle races.

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