Top 10 Tips for How to Dress for Your Body Type

How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Being well dressed depends a lot upon your understanding of your body type.

It’s all about making the right choices and to use the tips to dress your body type properly. If you pick up the right dresses for yourself then you will have a lot more confidence in your stance.

How to Dress for Your Body Shape

It is quite easy to understand your body type. You just need to determine which part of your body has more fat than the others or if you are too slender.

There are four body types namely circular, triangular, hourglass and rectangular. Following are the 10 tips to dress your body type.

For those of you who want to hide that pot belly and extra fat around your torso must keep in mind to avoid fitted clothes. Try clothes that loosely fit your body. This will hide the extra weight around your belly. This works well for pregnant women too.

If your body type is circular then you might want to avoid clothes high-rise pants, belts, and waist-cinching tops as they may highlight your fatty area.

Try slim cut pants and shift dresses for formal wear, they help look the body lean with the right combination of tunic, tops and heels.

Triangular body type is tricky as the hips are a bit heavier than shoulders and torso. Therefore over-size sweaters, skinny jeans and pants, skirts in a delicate material, curve-hugging fabric and silk must be avoided in order to look slim.

Wide-Leg Pants will showcase your slim legs if you have a triangular body type. Wide leg pants will also look good with a tailored jacket.

Boat neck Tops and A-line skirts are also a plus for women with a triangular body type as they hide the excess fat on your hips.

Hourglass is the trickiest body type out of all. Although it is called the perfect figure with full chest, a narrow waist and full hips but it might become difficult to choose the right clothes.

So the first tip is avoid boxy style clothes. Baby-doll dresses, tunics and oversized cardigans. Wear clothes that complement your figure type.

Hourglass women look best in wrap dresses, V-neck tops, pencil skirts and clothes that hug their curves gracefully and not cling to them in a vulgar way.

Frills also work in favour of women with an hourglass body type.

Looking appealing in a rectangular might sound difficult as you have always been told that you are flat and have a boyish build. But that isn’t true. Go for clothes that fit tight on your waist but flare out at the bottom to give yourself a curvy figure.

You might want to avoid body fit dresses as they will make you look flat. Opt for boot cut pants which will make you look little curvy.

Ruffles, flares and wispy sleeves might also work in your favour and will make you look more girl-like. Make sure that you choose the right wardrobe to enhance your body type.

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