How to Recover After a Long Day at Work

Relax After a Long Day

We all have experienced it. A long day at work draining us of all our energies and leaving us sore. May be a challenging task came up during the day, something needed to be done urgently or just the general work load was so very heavy.

The end result is you are groggy and disoriented. You do not want to do anything or may be do things half-heartedly, only to leave them in the middle. Here are some tips from which you can avail to rejuvenate yourself.

Relax After a Long Day


Although; exercising after a long mental toil at work feels like the opposite of recovering. However, doing some exercise could go a long way in getting you the perfect state of mind and body.

You can go for a running to break some sweat in order to get back in your shape. Off course it does require a bit of effort and time of yours, but so does everything worthwhile in life.

But if running is too much for you, you can start by going for a walk. It is advisable that you choose some place nice and peaceful. A public park where you can glimpse some trees and grasses would be perfect.

Other things like playing a sport, joining a gym and doing some yoga are also very good ideas. You should see what fits you the best and then do it accordingly.

Both exercising and relaxing are much related to each other. Although it might not seem like that at all. However, even the many great minds of the past thought so.

Alexander Pope thought so, and so did Plato who famously said: “Exercise would cure a guilty conscience.” Exercise improves your metabolism and hence your spirits as well.

It will provide stimulation but will calm also, it will exhilarate for a while but will provide relaxation for the long term. Its effectiveness has been verified in various clinical trials of anxiety disorders and clinical depression. If patients are using it to treat themselves, then you can derive benefits also.

When you exercise, the levels of adrenaline and cortical are reduced which produce stress in us. Likewise, exercise produces endorphins whose function is to elevate our moods and reduce our stress levels. It is also the source of optimism and relaxation you feel.

Lie down:

This is probably the most basic thing that can come into our minds when we think of relaxing- lying down on our beds and letting our energies revive on its own. This will relieve not only our physical tiredness but also the mental stress as well.

However, it is important that you turn off any electronic device that might distract you from your rest. Start with your phone and turn it off, because it causes the most distraction.

Apart from that, your television, computer and other devices should also be put away. It is because these things keep us thinking a million things that we will have to do and won’t let our minds rest.

Remember to rest your mind when you are resting your body. Lie down on your bed and make sure there is no noise around. Find a place which is quiet and peaceful. Keep the lighting that suits your needs and which is comforting to you.

Try avoiding intuitive behaviours like playing with your phone or opening a book etc. If you want to take it a little farther, treat it like a meditation and empty your mind of all the clutter in your mind.

Also, a nice aroma in your room is also said to be very relaxing for your mind.

Do what you enjoy:

After spending a long time at the work, it is now time that you do something that you enjoy yourself. You have earned it.

Whatever makes you feel good, you should do that now.

If you feel that watching a movie makes you feel good, then movie it should be.

If cooking soothes your mind, then go in the kitchen and treat yourself with something special. If playing guitar is what you feel like, then bring out your guitar and start strumming.

You have to figure out what is mood elevating for you, and then do that accordingly. Even playing a simple game like Fireboy and Watergirl could be rejuvenating for you. It is different for everyone.

Change your work clothes immediately:

If you get home and feel so drained as to even move out of your couch, then the notion of changing your clothes will definitely feel like work and not something pleasant.

However, if you force yourself a little initially, then you will feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable after that.
Remaining in your office uniform or suit will cause only discomfort.

And changing into a jumper or track pants etc. will feel like hugely relaxing and comforting. Such clothing might not be fashionable but your goal here is to get comfortable, and this will really help.

Relax with some soothing tunes:

The power of music is well-known. There is a special linkage between music and our emotions. Therefore, it can be used to calm our nerves and sooth our minds.

Slow and classical type music has an extremely beneficial aspect on our minds. It lowers our blood pressure, slows down our heart rate and reduces the levels of stress hormones.

Find some quiet and nice place around you and listen to some soothing tunes. This could revive your mood greatly. However, avoid from loud and fast music genres as it could cause you a headache instead of relaxing your mind.

Choose some slow music and it would sooth your poor mind which probably has already heard enough noise for the day.

Take a Shower:

Taking a shower is no less reviving as the other methods. That feeling of warm water running on your heads would feel great if you try it after your long office hours.

Some people go even a bit further with this experience. They create an atmosphere by arranging for some music or lighting some candles, or may be even hanging some lavender from their showerheads.

Tea, Chocolate and Honey:

You can try some green tea after your work. It contains L-Theanine, chemical which soothes your mind. Or you can calm your nerves with a bite of some chocolate, for it regulates the stress-inducing-hormone cortisol.

Or maybe you should slurp some honey because honey provides such compounds which reduce anxiety and fights depression.

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