Can VPN Increase Internet Speed?

Can VPN Increase Internet Speed

A virtual private network is a great tool that can shield your privacy and increase your security in cyberspace. It provides an encrypted tunnel to transmit the user data between the VPN company network and the remote user. The data transmitted between two locations through the encrypted tunnel cannot be read by any hacker or data thieves.

Can VPN Increase Internet Speed

A VPN can provide you many privacy and security benefits but most of the users are not aware of one thing that it also can boost your internet speed. You can make your internet connection speed better by doing some tricks also, which you can read below here.

Sometimes your internet connection also performs better automatically due to some technical reasons like using a different traffic path or server.

People use Virtual private networks when they need an additional layer of protection while surfing on the internet. A lot of VPN companies claim to be the fastest server provider in the market. But according to the statistics, a VPN connection can slow down your internet speed at the time of browsing.

So, the problem is which one statement you should trust now and can VPN increase internet speed or not.

Why is my Internet faster with a VPN?

Some users have experienced a better internet speed at the time of using a virtual private network. They are not in majority but their experience provides an interesting fact that how fastly a VPN connection can change your internet speed.

Sometimes using a virtual private network can give you an enhanced web connection. Because a VPN can break the chain of inefficient connection and provide you a unique path than it usually uses to sends your traffic. So in this case a virtual private network can increase your internet speed every time you get connected.

Some top VPNs cover where your traffic is coming and where it’s headed. In this case, your ISP might send data along with a mismatched path than it usually uses. And this is how sometimes you can get a better internet speed with a VPN.

So here is the best answer to Does VPN slow down internet or not because it’s just a coincidence that your VPN uses a different path. But if it uses the same path to send data then you can get a slower or normal internet connection. Because the server loads and quantity of encryption can affect the internet speed of users who get connected to it.

How to increase internet speed using VPN?

By selecting the best VPN can provide you a better internet speed than ever. But choosing a VPN can be so confusing. Because every VPN providing company claims that they provide you the best speed than others.

And it makes it so complicated to choose one of them for your project. So here are the top VPN’s by which you can get fast internet speed for your internet browsing.

How to increase internet speed using VPN?

  1. Express VPN: This VPN offers some great features like IP address masking, anonymous browsing, 24/7 live chat support, and restricted content unblocking. Express VPN gives you 160+ server locations in 94 plus countries all over the globe. Express VPN costs $12.95 per month for its one month plan on which you can get an additional discount by using the Express VPN coupon code. It can provide you up to 50% off on this amazing VPN service.
  2. Zenmate VPN: This VPN offers its free version with some basic services in it. Zenmate includes the compatibility of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox. You can enjoy unblocked streaming, and use 2700 servers in 78+ countries. Zenmate VPN costs you $10.99 for a 1-month plan and $4.49 per month for a 1-year plan. Either you choose a one-month or one-year plan you will get a 7 days trial with every plan.
  3. Nord VPN: This VPN is offering some best features to its users like a Strict no-log policy, IP masking, onion overVPN, and browser extensions. The one month plan of Nord VPN costs $11.95 per month and the one year plan costs $4.92 per month. You will also get a 30-days money-back policy with every plan.

How can I speed up my VPN connection?

According to the stats, a VPN can be the reason for your low internet speed and there is no limit how much does a VPN slow down your Internet speed? So if you want to get some extra speed then here are some tips below that you can try.

  • The first thing you can do is to change the server and get connected to another one. Don’t depend on your provider to choose the fastest server, use other servers also available there.
  • By refreshing your system you can also speed up your VPN connection. Check your network connection, do you have any other app using your internet or not.
  • You can switch protocols to make your VPN connection better. Check your VPN settings and if you can choose a protocol then select OpenVPN there.
  • Using a wired connection of your Wi-Fi can make things better for your VPN connection. If you have options of wired connection then try using it.
  • Split tunneling can also make your speed better if you have a good knowledge of your VPN. It gives you more control over your VPN connection that controls the encrypted tunnel. You can pipe your traffic through a VPN to decrease your VPN traffic so VPN can work faster than before.

By following these tips, now you can enhance your VPN connection performance. You can also check your internet speed difference by doing a small internet speed test that can provide you the information regarding its performance.


Here is the final answer to your question that can VPN increase internet speed or its just a rumor. Yesyou can get a better speed with a good VPN service and if you are not satisfied with your result then you can use the tips mentioned above.

As we discussed above that your VPN coincidently boosts your speed of internet by using the different paths to send your traffic. But by selecting the top VPN providing company and using some tricks you can increase your internet speed performance for sure.

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