Here Are 10 Steps to Organize a Virtual Birthday Party!

Organize a Virtual Birthday Party

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic made an undesired debut in 2020, all our social gatherings and outdoor life has come to a temporary halt. There are restrictions and precautionary measures almost everywhere, and parties jam-packed with people sharing snacks and drinks is a story from the past!

How To Organise A Virtual Birthday Party

Organize a Virtual Birthday Party

But this doesn’t mean we must bring celebration and joy to a halt as well! How can we continue the fun and socializing when we are stuck at home? Virtual Birthday Parties!

With the outburst of quality video-conferencing apps and flourishing internet speeds, meeting people face-to-face and spending a memorable bonding session with them is not a dream anymore! You can exchange chatter stories, eat together, and even play games on your big day!

In this article, we will tell you what you require and how to prepare for your virtual birthday party session! Here is a ten-pointer step-by-step guide to help you host this memorable occasion, virtually! Read further to learn more!

Choose Your Platform

There are many great free VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) applications that you can try to host the perfect party! You can choose the one that suits your party’s requirements the best and get on with the preparations! Some of the top video-call apps are.

  • Zoom – This user-friendly software allows you to host calls with over 100 people for a 40-minute duration. If you think your birthday party will take longer, you can always re-join the call once every forty minutes!
  • Skype – Skype is much more than just another video chat program. The free calling software also comes with a list of handy tools and additional features! Skype is associated with mobile networks all around the world, and it is easy to connect to anyone, even if they don’t have an account!
  • Google Duo – This recently launched service is perfect if you want to go for a minimalistic party approach. The interface is moderately similar to FaceTime and lets you go on calls with eight people at a time.

Sign up for an account

Once you have chosen the app that works best for you, you will have to make an account to be able to host a meeting. Since most apps have a similar account-creating process, let’s take the example of Zoom.

All you have to do is download the application on your phone or PC and use your Google or Facebook account to access their services. Once you have that performed, you can begin your video call by choosing the “Host a meeting” option. It’s as simple as that!

Make the Guest List

Before you host a party, there is some prior planning you have to carry out for a smooth function.

Firstly, decide on who you want to invite for your special day. It could either involve your family members or your squad at work or school, or just your close cousins!

Also, make sure the number of guests you invite does not exceed the member limit of the video conference app you use!

Choose a Party Theme

Everyone loves a fun glam-up session! Pick a theme that will interest you and the guests, like movie characters, Halloween or Monochrome! Inform the guests about your decision and dress accordingly to spice things up!

Arrange for the Cake and Party Decoration

You can order a designer cake and put-up decorations that go with the theme to make things more interesting! These trinkets and tinsels will also serve as a great background during the call to give you the “party feels” in the safety of your homes!

Bring in the Music

Once the cake-cutting ceremony is done and dusted with, you can entertain yourself and your mates with some groovy dance moves or karaoke night. With apps like Zoom and Skype, you can easily share your screen to let your party members jam to the beats straight from the YouTube app!

Virtual Escape Game

There are many birthday game ideas out there, but escape games are the best and most engaging! There is nothing better than solving mysteries and cracking codes with your team as you beat the clock and escape!

Quite recently, virtual escape games have become a thing for parties and team-building. It is also easy to carry out as you can book with an escape brand that offers virtual rooms, and the staff will do the rest for you!

After the confirmation of the booking, your game master will join the call link and introduce you to the world of intricate plotlines and scary mysteries. He/she will play the role of your hands and navigate around the escape room according to the instructions given by your team.

Have a fun-filled adventure as you virtually scour through objects and clues before you escape!

Netflix and Chill session

After all that thrill and brain-wracking, you can bring calm to the chaos with a peaceful movie session. With the assistance of a browser plugin called Netflix party, you can stream movies with multiple users at the same time! The streaming service allows users to synchronize their actions, and it also has live chat functionality!

So, if there is a movie you have been dying to watch for a long time, this is your chance!

Inform and Invite

Once you have planned your party schedule and lined up the decorative balloons, you can send invites to all your guests! Inform them about the party a few hours earlier so that they make preparations or dress up.

To do this, you can copy the invitation URL from your video call and paste it to your friends through WhatsApp or Email. They can comfortably join the video call by clicking on the link!


Now that you have invited everyone and you all are together, kick-start your schedule and let the party begin! You can also stretch the party with added games like Scavenger Hunts, Truth or Dare, and a good old whiteboard Pictionary game!


Birthdays occur only once in a year, so don’t let a few restrictions stop you from celebrating yourself!

Follow these steps and be the pioneer of bringing joy and excitement to your loved ones during these dire times! You can also use this opportunity to catch up and bond with your near and dear ones over some games and virtual fun!

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