How to Remotely Control Android Phone From Another Phone?

Remotely Control Android Phone from Another Android Device

In the enhancing world of technology where everything is getting stored on cloud, and broadcast of information in packets from one device to another is happening wirelessly in the purview of internet.

Today you can control almost every device and could have admittance to your information from anywhere around the world (if stored on cloud), if you have got the ultimate power of internet.

Consider a situation when you could not make it to your office but have a bulk of work to do, so how you gonna handle that? Well smart phone in your pocket is going to rescue you from that situation.

Now a days a slew of stubs are available, using which you can apparently control other devices like pc or even other smart phones using your hand held android while sitting at home.

All you got to have a fine internet connection and valid stub mounted in your phone. So where to explore these opportunity? This article is going to guide you through those corners of opportunity.

Remotely Control Android Phone from Another Android Device

By RemoDroid (Note: Controlling Device must be rooted.)

Download and mount RemoDroid in both the Android based devices.

You would be able to download the app for free from the Play Store.

Start the app on both the devices.

Do this by hitting on its icon from the list of mounted apps. Once the app opens, two options flashes: “Connect” and “Stream.” Stream is used for the controlling device, which must be rooted, and Connect is used for device being controlled (rooting is not necessary in this case).For the app, to work be certain that your devices are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

Make your way to the App Settings of the controlling phone

Tap the menu key, and select “Settings” from the selection.

Modify the feature of streaming.

You can alter the quality by tapping on the selection you favour. The quality basically depends on the rapidity of your Wi-Fi connection. A ‘High Quality’ may cost you some lagging while ‘Good Quality’ would be much smoother.

Connect the two devices.

Tap the back switch of the controlling device and tap “Stream.” A statement “RemoDroid server started” will be flashed. Subsequently, an IP address of the phone will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

After that hit “Connect” in the device you wish to regulate. In the menu box, enter the IP address and port of the controller device. Subsequently, tap “Connect” to establish wireless link in the two devices.

Screen replica of controlled device would appear on controlling device and any changes you make in that replica would get reflected in the controlled device. Voila, you are done and ready to manipulate the controlled device as per your need.

Limitation is need to be in the purview of WI – FI connection for both the devices and hence restricting its ranging signals.

By Tablet Remote (Note: No rooting of devices is prerequisite)-

Download and Mount Tablet Remote (for free from Play Store) on both the android devices.
Minimum SDK level should be Android 2.1.

Switch on Bluetooth on both the devices.

To do this, tap the gear icon to open Settings. Hit “Bluetooth” from the choices, and toggle the “Bluetooth” option from OFF to ON.

Start Tablet Remote on both devices.

Connect the tablet and the phone.

Hit “Make device discoverable” on one device. Subsequently on other, tap “Scan for devices.” A list of devices would be flashed. Tap on your device name to couple it. Tap the flashed menu on both devices messaged as “Pair”.

Configure the tablet for remote access.

On the tablet, tap “Setup,” and from the options that appear, tap “Enable tablet remote in the settings.” Now, tap the “Tablet remote” option and you will find that a check mark has flashed next to the “Enable Tablet remote settings” option.

Tap the second choice, “Change the input method for tablet remote,” in the Setup screen. From the menu that appears, tap “Tablet remote”. A check mark will flash next to the “Change the input method for tablet remote” choice.

Configure the phone.

Tap the “Remote” in main screen of the app in phone. This will start the remote access, enabling you to control your tablet via phone.

Diverse keys will be shown on the main screen, like navigation, enter, volume and brightness, home, back, search etc. which could be used to control tablet.

Tap the directional keys to swipe among various apps and icons on your tablet.

Tap “Enter” to open any particular app once you have selected it. Similarly, swipe up and down along the Volume and Brightness options for increasing and decreasing the volume and brightness, respectively, of your tablet.

Tap on the music control keys (play, pause, forward, etc.) while playing music or video in your tablet to control them.

In the same fashion tap on the choices like Back, Search, and Home to perform the same task and those will get reflected on tablet.

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