How to Stop Losing Your Temper and Your Friendship

Losing Your Temper

Is anger spoiling your friendship and relationships? Then now is the time to act.

Anger can be very destructive not just for you but to the people around you as well. You might find it hard to get a grip on yourself when you are burning with anger but it is not impossible.

Here are the tips as to how to stop losing your temper and your friendship. Read along!

Losing Your Temper

Deep Breaths

When you are raging out of control it might almost seem impossible to think of something else but it is not that difficult. If you are willing to take control of your anger you will find a way around to calm your head by breathing deeply.

This is one of the most effective ways to sooth your nerves and will take your mind off the matter that got you so angry in the first place. So just close your eyes whenever you are about to burst out.

Pinch the bridge of your nose and then when you think you are ready start taking deep breaths. Keep counting your breaths and this will take your mind off the anger and will help you from lashing out on your friends and close ones.

Regain Control

In anger it is almost impossible to control ones violent thoughts. When we are raging it becomes tough to reason with to ourselves but one has to find a way out.

Analysing the situation and thinking calmly about it can really help. You can even start thinking about the problems that are going to occur if you lose control. It will really help you to get a grip on yourselves.

There are situations like a breakup or an incident at school or a fight which can upset and be the cause of the ‘boil over’ condition where your take it out on people who are close to you like family or friends.

You might want to avoid such conditions. Try to process your thoughts and clear your head to avoid ruining your friendships.

Develop Resistant for triggers

Anger is not situational if you are getting angry very frequently. It is probably a symptom that is eating you up from within.

There are small things that can trigger an anger outburst like lack of sleep, staying hungry for a long time, lazy life, lack of exercise or just mild irritation. You must find out the things that develop this anger inside you and try to build a restraint to these small triggers.

It is a long term solution but it is more effective than others. You will not only get a better hold on yourself if you start practicing it but will also be able to stop your anger from affecting your friendship.

Try Therapy

Anger can be solved by simply talking to a counsellor or a shrink. There is no need to over think this through.

It’s not like you are losing it, it is just about taking the step that is right for you. Talking to a shrink might help your to overcome some of your in built problems and you will be able to control your anger better.

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