Medical Advantages of Being In Love

The benefits of being in love

Relationships are not always stressful, as most people have perceived. Love can really help people fight many diseases and medical conditions.

They make you calmer and help you fight stress. Studies have proven that being in love can have immense medical advantages. Long term relationships are recommended to have a smooth life.

The benefits of being in love

Marriages or even healthy friendships are recommended. The more you open up to another person about your feelings the more relaxed you feel. Following are some of the medical advantages of being in love.

1. Keeps Doctors away

This might sound a little astounding but it is true. People in relationships visit doctors less often than people who are single. The reason behind this is quite simple.

Studies have showed that people in relationships take better care of themselves for a more fulfilled life. Partners in relationships also tend to take better care of you, making you feel loved which improves the mental heal.

2. Goodbye Depression

Depression is directly or indirectly related to the state of loneliness. People in love are less prone to depression as they are able to express their feelings more easily than others therefore having a more relaxed state of mind. Depression less life is a big medical advantage of being in love.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

Married couples and people in relationships have a balanced level of blood pressure. This is because they are able to regulate their stress and hence have a good pulse rate and blood pressure.

4. Happy to be with someone

You always need someone to share your happiness and joys with. Studies have revealed that relationships make people more positive about life.

Having someone in your life to look up to is very essential. Sharing joys is essential but sharing distress is even more important. People in love are able to trust each other with their problems and are able to relieve stress making their lives happier.

5. Better Pain Control

There are several studies that have revealed that people who are in love experience less pains, be it back pain, headaches, etc. With cooperative partners women are able to deal with menstrual cramps in a better way.

People in relationships also tend to take less pain killers than people who are single adding up to the medical advantages of being in love.

6. Less stressful hours

Stress is something that will never get off your shoulders unless you talk about it. Most of the single people who experience stress end up going to shrinks and councillors to get rid of stress.

People have lovable relationships don’t need shrinks. They can always confide in their loved ones and share their problems to get rid of stress.

7. Enhanced Immunity

Guess what people who have been in relationships have better immunity towards flu, viruses, cold and other common diseases. The reason being healthier state of mind, people in relationships are more aware about their well-being. So being in love does save you from getting sick after all.

8. Love Heals

People who are in a loving and smooth relationships are able to get over mental stresses as well as physical wounds more readily than people who are single or who have misbalanced relationships.

Spouses who interact openly with each other are move on faster in life than others which is yet another medical advantage of being in love.

9. Live long

The quote “growing old together” is true indeed. Studies have shown that people in relationships or those who are married live longer. Loneliness is one of the biggest reason why people get depressed and tend to have a shorter life.

People who have partners to take care of them and to be with them are healthier both physically and mentally leading to a longer life.

10. No Paranoia

Studies reveal that people in relationships are less paranoid. The anxiety levels fall when you are in a loving relationship with someone.

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