Fat-Burning Plyometric Exercises

10-Minute Fat-Burning Plyometric Workout

Targeted exercises are the best way to shape that flat body that has been bothering you for so long. But they are slow and need a lot of devotion.

Don’t worry you can burn the required amount of calories and lose weight without having to spend hours in the gym. Plyometric exercises burn an excessive amount of calories in a shorter workout.

These are extensive exercises that enhance the muscle workout and pumps your heart for faster and more sweating. Following are some amazing plyometric exercises that you can perform in routine to get the desired body.

10-Minute Fat-Burning Plyometric Workout

Plie Squat Jump

This exercise tones down your abs and legs. Get into a squatting position with legs shoulder width apart and hands clasped in front of the chest. Now jump up and tap your heels together before landing.

Try to attain maximum height. Repeating this for 30 to 4 seconds will be enough.

Double Jump

Start with a squat position with legs one foot apart. Jump up and land down in a lunge position with right leg forward. Jump up again and land back into the original squat position.

Repeat this with the left leg to complete one rep. 45 minutes of this workout is enough to tone your abs, legs and hips.


Lie down on the floor face down, palms next to chest and toes facing in. Do an upward push-up so that you swiftly place your left foot in between your hands and get into a pile squat.

Now do it in a reverse motion. This exercise works on your most of your body parts; shoulders, triceps, abs, buts and legs hence making it a complete exercise.

Plank-Straddle Hop

Get into a plank position with feet a foot apart. Spread out your legs in a hop in order to make a V and then back to the plank position with feet one foot apart.

Do this for 30 to 45 seconds. You can also perform reps of 30 seconds. It works on your abs and lower abdomen.

Plyometric Push-ups

These are just like your standard push-ups except for the fact that you have to push yourself off the ground until the hands leave the ground completely.

Try to reach maximum height and land with your palms again. It is advisable to not clap while you are off ground as it can hurt you especially if you are a beginner.

Box Jumps

This is probably something that you have done when you were a child. Find a box and keep your strength and height in mind.

To perform a box jump, get into the squat position and jump from in order to land on the box and step back to the ground. Repeat this in sets to get the best effect.

Broad Jumps

Broad Jump is a strength builder and works on your quadriceps and glute muscles. Get into the squat position first with feet parted at shoulder length.

Jump up with all the energy in your body. Land on the ground and repeat it till you are exhausted. You can also perform this in sets of 20.

Skater Jumps

Skater Jumps enhance your quadriceps and glute muscles and increases lateral strength. Start with a squat position. Make sure that your legs are closed and larger part of your weight is on the right leg.

Push your right leg in opposite direction and land softly on the left leg that is behind it. Repeat this with your left leg completes one rep.

Lateral Lunge

Lateral lunge is a critical exercise but is extremely good for strength building and toning down your hips, abs and legs.

This is the best exercise to give you maximum sweating without any risk of injury. It is a bight tough to get the right posture so make sure you get the lunge right.

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