4 Aspects A Brand Should Consider Planning A Strategy for A Successful Influencer Collaboration

Planning a Strategy for a Successful Influencer Collaboration

We have heard success stories of Huda Kattan, Jen Selter, Lily Singh, and many others.

You must have also witnessed many ads featuring your favorite influencer and heard good things about it.

For once, as a brand or a commoner with good social media skills, a thought must have crossed your head to become a part of this online influential world.

Planning a Strategy for a Successful Influencer Collaboration

This new digital era is a shift in recognizing the new ways to reach audiences or the public at large. Traditionally, the marketing mediums were of high net in the name of journalists or celebrities. But now, it can be anyone with their own network or media.

The ability of the internet to connect over 600 million people worldwide has allowed some individuals through their blogs and social networks, to become trendsetters and strong opinionated leaders who drive the audience at them.

Brands who are looking for some marketing tactics and general exposure, must have a look at such influential minds. Thus, the social media platforms work better when there is a mutual understanding between the brands and influencers.

If you are planning to enter this marketing arena to capture more audiences, you need to have a guiding force who can lead the way through the clutter of ad gimmick. There are multiple options when we plan to market a product or service online, but which one is for you, is best told by the knowledgeable ones.

If you want to utilize social media platforms to sell your product or service, keep these four aspects in mind before preparing a full-fledged marketing campaign online.

4 Aspects a brand should consider for a successful influential collaboration

Make a list of capable and desired influencers

As a company, you exactly know what your brand stands for. Now, you need to think of the most apt influencer who can become the face of the brand, the brand ambassador. The listing will automatically build a niche of the influencer.

For example, your product is a combination of lifestyle and beauty segments. Your list will consist of the influencers who are known for their content in the lifestyle segment, beauty segment, and a mix of both. Thus, an automatic filter is set for your online campaign.

It will help your brain to design a concept keeping the brand & the influencer’s content both in a place. Such research will also help in bifurcating the followers of the listed individual strategists, which will again present you with the most desirable influencer whose followers will understand & willingly vouch for your brand.

Fix a meeting with the influencers

In today’s world, an in person meeting is a must.

At first, you should send a professional mail, but avoid sending the same mail to every influencer. Try to conclude the email with all the intricate details. Keep the transparency of words from the very first day.

From the idea of online campaigns to the negotiation limits everything has to be in writing to avoid misunderstanding and build a healthy relationship with the influencer. In person meetings will help you know the actual nature of the influencer, and also will be able to avoid the Instagram bots.

Beware of pseudo-influencers

Being a new bee in the world of social media, your mailbox will be bombarded with mails and messages of collaboration from the influencer’s end. Filter them out, and don’t give your product’s details to every random mail you are getting.

There are individuals messing around on the internet, without researching about them, never responding to such mails or random WhatsApp messages for collaboration.

Check and measure the results

The online world does not work just on posting or getting the due brand mentions at certain places. You have to check the actual reach, engagement, views, comments, by visiting the said post or story.

Even Google Analytics will show all the intricate details right from the highest engagement time on the post to how many times it has been shared and liked.

Such measured results will help improve for further posts to come and also states the wrongs done in the previous posts. It can be timing, color combination, font style, content beneath has issues, or you are not able to understand the thought process of your targeted audience.

These aspects will help you to think beyond the dazzling followers number, it will make you concentrate on the other aspects when selecting an influencer. The brands should choose wisely because their online image depends on the kind of collaboration they make from the very beginning.

You can get great results by investing your time in knowing the influencers. The brands are majorly remembered by their associations, so you need to take tiny steps and know about the influencer’s online-offline work and decide whether he is a fit or not for your product or service.


Social media is constantly evolving, especially Instagram. This particular platform has grown overnight with the creative influence of the individual strategists. The influencers are all over the place with their marketing efforts. They provide opportunities to engage with fans and share a great content in the form of photos and videos.

This is a platform where passion is turned into purchases. And if you want to drive traffic to shopify stores or are planning to grow your business online, then you should definitely grab this opportunity of unleashing the internet influential tactic.

People are glued to their screens in their leisure time. They have started utilizing social platforms to buy and sell their products or services in every creative way possible. So, as a brand or as an influencer, there is a lot of scope with online marketing.

There is no end to the creative freedom, as an individual, you can mold your campaign and image in every which way desired. Digital space is awaiting your presence, making your own brand image, spreading your existential awareness, and building a loyal audience base.

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