How to Beat The Sunday Night Party Hangover

How to cure a bad hangover

Is that hangover getting the best of you? Here’s how to beat the Sunday night party hangover by simple home tricks.

All you need to do is prepare a little and you can save yourself from that annoying headache. Keep reading to learn the tricks to beat the Sunday night party hangover.

How to cure a bad hangover

Eat well

Never drink alcohol on empty stomach. Make sure that you have had something greasy for dinner before you go out plan to go out for drinks.

Fatty food form a protective coating around your stomach and you tend to consume lesser amounts of alcohol than you planned to. This will also make sure that you don’t have an awful hangover the next morning hence making your Sunday night much more bearable.

A glass of milk with your meal will also have the same effect.

Be friends with a glass of water

Your best friend when you are having a hangover is water. It is typically the rule number one of drinking.

You will have to restore all that liquid that has been removed from your body. So whenever you are having a hangover, the first thing you will need to look after is to never let go of that glass of water in your hand.

Make sure that you drink a glass of water ever other to re-hydrate your body and get your body back on track.

Take painkillers

If your hangover is getting on to you and it seems like there is no way out of it, then you can also opt for painkillers.

It’s not as bad an option to not be considered plus it affects faster than the rest.

Pick the right medicine for yourself because you would not want to cause more trouble than you already have.

Aspirin is the most preferable choice but people with weak stomach must stay away from it as it can worsen your condition. In such cases ibuprofen works just fine and is suited for every individual.

Re-hydrate your body

All that drinking makes your body go fluid-less. That is part of the dehydration process and adds big time to the awful hangover you are experiencing.

Make sure you take in a lot of liquid diet. Grab a glass of juice or eat some slices of watermelon. Milk will also work well but make sure you have a glass of cold milk to help you with the hangover.

If you are a tea person you can go for a cup of ginger tea. It will help soothe your nerves and will keep sickness at bay.

Avoid coffee

Coffee is something you should stay away from if you are struggling with a hangover.

It dehydrates your body and will add to the unbearable headache you are experiencing right now. So if you feel the need to drink coffee try having some fruit pulp or lemonade.

This will make you feel better and will re-hydrate your body.

Take a shower

Having a refreshing bath with cold water can help you fight the hangover.

If you want to have a peaceful Monday without any trace of the hangover you are feeling right now, then go stand under the shower and let the cool water calm you down.

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