The Power And Influence Of Social Media: 4 Reasons Your Business Should Invest In Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

In the present era, social media is in the limelight. It is one of the most versatile and cost-effective business strategies to target the desired audience and boost sales. According to Hubspot, 90% of all marketers believe social media marketing has increased their business exposure.

Social Media Marketing

Despite the growing acceptance of social media, about 50% of small businesses are not using it (Clutch). The disparity of belief is perhaps one of the most serious ones for the corporate world. It is about time all companies jump into the social media scenario and indulge in healthy competition.

If you are struggling to get started, keep reading. This blog sheds light on the power and influence of social media, convincing you to leap ASAP.

Increased Brand Awareness

Social media is a proven digital method to spread your content and enhance brand visibility. Implementing a social media strategy will increase your brand recognition as you engage with a broad audience range.

For starters, create social media profiles on various platforms. Get stakeholders like employees, business partners to like and follow your pages. Merely having people interact with your content can have a drastic influence on your business reputation.

When you generate valuable content, you are making your brand accessible and familiar for the new leads. Simultaneously, it also enhances the knowledge of the new customers. By scrolling past your pages, they get aware of your knack over a niche and decide to convert.

A report published by Texas Tech University found that brands active on social media have more loyal customers. It is quite easy to understand because, through social media, a brand builds its rapport and connection. A bilingual social media strategy can be your best shot to empower and communicate with more prospects.

More Inbound Traffic

In the absence of marketing on social media, your inbound traffic stays limited to your existing customers. The chances of you reaching the new customers are quite low. However, social media accounts broaden the horizon for you. Every tweet you make or every photo you share works as a gateway to your website.

Some inbound marketing strategies that will come in handy for you are.

  • Create written buyer personas – It is a fictional representation of your ideal customers. It will help you with content creation, SEO, and social media advertisement.
  • Position yourself as a pro – Establish yourself as someone who is a true master of his/her subject. This means you have to commit to your niche and stay in the loop of new changes.
  • Create tailored content – Map the buyer’s journey and carve content to fulfill their craving.
  • Test and measure – Take advantage of your social platforms’ analytics and insights to discover the type of posts that strike chords with your fanbase.

Take social media as the melting pot where different ingredients (audience types) are in a mixture. People from various backgrounds and behaviors have various needs and thinking patterns. Tossing your content on various platforms improves your chances of gaining the maximum eyeballs.

Innocent, the drink company, executes its inbound marketing brilliantly. When they introduced their “blue” drink, it was a perfect opportunity to showcase their brand and advertise the new launch. When “Bolt from the Blue” was released, it was heavily debated on Twitter that this drink’s color was not blue. It became a part of the conversation and turned into a viral post for a couple of days.

Better Customer Satisfaction

As per Statista, 70% of the U.S. population possess at least a single social media profile. And by 2021, the worldwide social media users might reach upto 3.1 billion people. With so many potential customers logging onto social media, it is an advertising channel you cannot miss.

Apart from generating the content, your social media profile is also the focal point of meeting your customers. More people now expect companies to respond to their queries through social media. It gives you a platform where you can gather feedback and interact with customers within a jiffy.

The example of HuHut, a Mongolian grill chicken restaurant in the Upper Midwest, is worth mentioning here.

Whether an individual has a question, a complaint, or a generic remark about your product/service – social media allows you to address the matter via interpersonal dialogue. A brand devoted to customer satisfaction will compose a personal message. It can tactfully respond positively to the complaints too.

Taking a social media marketing company on board can turn the tables in your favor. A professional knows how to keep the customer happy and clarify your stance at the same time.

Improved Brand Loyalty

According to HubSpot, social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing strategies. As you build a rapport with your leads and post valuable content consistently, your brand gets improved trust and credibility from the customers. This eventually leads to more conversions.

The millennial generation is popular for being the most brand loyal customers of all. Over half of the U.S. population comprises the Millenials (people born in the early 1980s and early 2000s). These are the technology natives, and a brand might lose out on some incredibly loyal customers if they take their social media presence lightly.

There is an obvious correlation between customer loyalty and presence on social media. If customers follow you, they are likely to convert at some point. If the service and response are on time, the chances of turning into loyal customers go up a notch.

Amazon, the largest retain website, knows how to build a loyal customer base. It allows customers to provide feedback, plus it works on free returns and fast shipping. Amazon truly embraces the phrase, “The customer is always right!”

Wrapping Up

Social media is the new marketing buzzword that has spread like wildfire. You must jump into the scenario if you want to gain a firm footing in the industry and reach your goals. It is a place that can turn you into the industry tycoon overnight or fail your plans within a jiffy.

So, play safe and work hard.

We hope you succeed in all your social media endeavors. Let us know how our blog helped you!

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