Curly Hair Problems and Solutions By Natural Remedies

Curly Hair Problems & Solutions

Those tangles are becoming impossible to manage? Well we might just have the right solutions for you. Following are some amazing home remedies that will help you ease those curls out and have a glossy and trendy look at the same time.

Curly Hair Problems & Solutions

Mane Look

For those of you who have heavy curls must not try to comb your hair too furiously. You must remember a lion’s mane from those animal documentaries. Well you certainly don’t want to look like that.

Solution: Have a regular hair massage with hot almond, olive or coconut oil the night before you plan to wash your hair. Comb your hair with a wide teeth comb while your hair is still wet to get natural curly look.

Retaining moisture

Curly hair dry up easily and are not able to retain moisture like straight hair. Although you have the advantage of not having a greasy look but you also don’t want your hair to look like a broom.

Solution: There is an easy solution for this. Rinsing your hair with bear will help your hair look shinier and will help you retain the moisture as well. Whenever you wash your hair use beer when you are done with the shampoo. Soak your hair in bear and leave it for 2-3 mins. Wash it to get a smooth moisturized look.

Rough texture

Towel is not made for curly hair. Stop being harsh with your curls by using towel to dry it. It only tangles your hair even further.

Solution: Instead of a towel use soft cotton shirt to dry your hair and keep your touch gentle. Smooth it out with a wide comb while it is still damp to avoid tangling.

Difficult to style

Curls take their form naturally. There is nothing you can do to tame them. Which is why acknowledging the fact that they need extra care is important. Girls with curls must try to sort their hair out while your hair is still wet to avoid that unpleasant look.

Solution: An easier way is to use diluted apple cider vinegar. Apply it to your hair and rinse it to keep your hair glossy.

Sleeping is brief

You like showers at night. Well they are certainly very relaxing and sooth you to sleep but it just ends up otherwise when you wake up with a miserably tangled haystack of a hair that will never ease out.

Solution: If you want to smoothen your hair and still enjoy night showers try to get slick cloth for your pillows. This will help a lot

Dry ends and Splits

Curls tend to get drier and have splits with time. Having a haircut very frequently is not possible as your hair already looks small because of the tangled texture.

Solution: The best and most frequently used natural remedy is to apply eggs on your hair. You can use them in variations, mixing with shampoos or with henna. But best way is to apply it to your hair and keep it for some time like a conditioner to have the best results.

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