Don’t Make a Freshman Mistake In the Gym

Freshman Mistake In the Gym

Going to gym might sound so very exciting ant to some extent it is but it is not something that can be taken casually like just running around the walkway with a pair of shoes.

There is a reason there are trainers in the gym because the set of instrument used requires expertise to be used and utilised in a proper way.

There are some mistakes that gym newbies make which can cost then a lot. So don’t make a freshman mistake in the gym no matter you are a regular person or a recent starter.

Take gym and activities related to it seriously if you don’t want to cost your body a life time of injury. Following are some common freshmen mistakes made in the gym.

Freshman Mistake In the Gym

Not working on your posterior

The idea of going to gym is related somewhat to the fact that people want to make huge biceps, develop a sexy chest and strong shoulders. But this is not enough to get a healthier, active and strong body.

Usually al fitness programs are typically comprised of exercises like bench press and crunches which only tend to work on your upper body and abdomen. What men forget is to their posterior region which needs strength and a lot of attention to get the required amount of strength.

If you are going to the gym and ignoring the development of your posterior muscles then it is as good as not exercising at all. Have you seen all those athletes and their highly developed posterior? Well that is all part of the gym and you should not ignore it.

Aim for exercises like deadlifts and other hip dominant leg exercises. Planks are also advantageous to help you develop a strong posterior. Keep your exercise regime in balance so that you are proportionally weighted on both anterior and posterior parts of your body.

Don’t be Johnny Bravo

Ever heard about what hurricanes do to the trees that are heavily weighted at the top? Well they are the first ones to get uprooted because they are disproportionally weighted. Though gym is not a hurricane but over working your upper body is a mistake most of the freshmen make at gym.

Be sure of one thing that you don’t want to look like Johnny Bravo at all. Apart from stealing your appeal it will also cause problems in your body. Working on your upper body will cause it to be over developed while the lower region will remain weak which is not good.

For working out things properly avoid making this mistake and focus on your legs as well when you are working out at gym. This will help you enhance your body metabolism as legs are after all the largest muscle in the body.

Don’t put your feet on the bench

It is a rule that can’t be hassled with while you are bench pressing and yet there are so many people who are bench pressing at the gym while their feet are up on the bench.

Don’t make this freshman mistake in the gym and keep your feet in control. There is no reason that can possibly justify this mistake not even if you are trying to amplify the results, it is not just stupid but dangerous.

Another point is that by keeping your feet on the ground you are doing a full body workout while bench pressing.

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