The Causes of Head lice

Head Lice Infestation

Head lice is one thing that you should watch for because it is one of the worst things that can happen to your hair. Lice are wingless micro insects that suck blood through the scalp.

They colonize in your eggs and are spread very rapidly. A grown up lice has the size of a sesame seed whereas the egg looks more like dandruff. Lice causes serious damage to your hair and must be treated in early stages for preventing hair damage.

There can never be a clear reason for what causes lice. Since they are contagious the main reason behind the lice in your hair is because you might have been in touch with someone who already had lice.

Head Lice Infestation

There can be various type of contacts that causes head lice. Read the following article to have a better understanding of the causes of head lice.

Head to head contact with a person who is infected with lice

This is the most common way by which lice is spread. Hugging someone, whispering into someone’s ears, touching heads as a show of affection, etc. are some common way through which you can get hair lice.

Small children are most prone to get contaminated with lice as they tend to play with children who are already contaminated. They can also further contaminate their family members and their close ones. Therefore head lice should be detected early and terminated.

Sharing belongings with a contaminated person

This is another causes of head lice. As it is difficult to find out whether a person has lice or not, people tend to share their personal belongings like comb, headbands, headphones, etc.

This spreads head lice rapidly and before you know it you will start feeling itching and something crawling in your hair. People living in hostels, dormitories and guest houses are more prone to it as they share personal belongings with friends and other mates.

Sharing clothes and fabrics of an infected person

Lice can live for a long time on fabrics like towels, bedsheets, couches and hence using an infected person’s fabrics will expose you to the infection. Avoid using someone else’s towel or sleeping close to the, or using their bedsheets because is highly communicative and takes very less time to settle in your hair.

Also keep your personal items for your exclusive use only and maintain good hygiene at all times. This will ensure that you don’t get contaminated.

It is essential that head lice is detected and treated to avoid any hair damage. Get your head checked if you experience regular itching sensations or if you feel like something is crawling in your head.

There are professional parlour treatments for lice as well. Although they are a little expensive but you can be assured of getting rid of lice. Keep your belongings clean to be safe from people who are already contaminated.

Early diagnosis and using anti-lice shampoos can get you rid of head lice in a two weeks.

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