Why the Dread?

Why the Dread?

These are the 10 reasons why, despite a degree in your pocket, you are unable to cut it:

You don’t make an impression in the first 90 seconds.

That’s all it takes, 90 seconds! Either you were tardy because of ‘traffic’ or you were busy with ‘personal matters’, this shows that you lack professional etiquettes. This might not be the right approach to start an interview.

Make your stature and persona come alive from the second they lay eyes on you because the clock is ticking.

Why the Dread?

You dress like it’s a party or just a casual lunch.

Think of them as the most judgmental souls that you will come across, worse than your best friend. Except, they aren’t your friends.

If you didn’t think it was important to wear that tie or put on that lipstick, think again. Being presentable is key.

You prepare for the wrong job.

If this is a dream job that you have longed for, you work for it. Easy, right?
Actually, there is more to it. Analyze your traits and your approach towards things. Does it fit the requirements provided by the job description? What more can you add on to the table?

Platonically, there might be a lot of things. However, what is it that you really need to know, because that is what’s going to save you from the horror of looking – clueless.

You forget your biggest asset –Smile.

Yes, you may not be going for the job you wanted, but the interviewer doesn’t know that. Trust me when I say that they can sense indifference.

Being rude and blatant may get you through the first round of application, but further than that – it leaves room for a disaster. Seem interested, so that they seem interested in hiring you!

You forget that you aren’t perfect.

They are not looking for polished and well-oiled machines that give a robotic response. They want to see how well you can turn that weakness into a strength.

They want to know if you execute the skills that fits the job profile.

You look away and not to them.

You are nervous and sweaty, this might be overwhelming and it’s natural. However, you don’t want them to see your nerves breaking. Pressure can drive you, or it can make you see what’s right ahead of you – your dream job.

Everything else is just a method of getting to it! If you want it then fight for it!

You lie!

They have your profile right in front of them, if they sense a glitch in what you said compared to what your profile says. Consider this the end of the interview.

No matter how far you go with the recruiters, this will be a big black star in their minds. Be careful, being genuine and honest makes them want you more than the lies you present to them!

You don’t apply the STAR method.

When they ask you for your past experience, you might want to search the STAR method. Situation, Task, Action and Result are those tools that help you and your interviewer categorize your work.

However, don’t spend too much time on the situation and task, focus your attention on your action and the result that you fetched in that situation!

You underplay yourself.

Consider this a brand pitch, where you are the brand. Underplaying yourself is no modesty, it’s just a ticket to go back home. Show that confidence, it’s important.

You keep the questions to yourself.

Ask them the questions, it’s the closing of your interview. You don’t want to be reluctant in giving them a chance to be heard. They love to be heard, just as you do. In addition, this is your chance to make your final impression. This shows your interest and makes them write their final notes.

Lastly, have to hunger to learn! This might be the first interview or the last, keep these things in mind and trust yourself to do the magic. Don’t lose hope, keep going at it and you will see yourself making it the first attempt! It’s all about that spark that makes you connect with them at some point. Good luck for your interview!

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